Thank You! Merry Christmas!!!

ARGH! I’m so sorry that this is so late. I actually wrote most of this on Thursday but things have got completely out of hand on the handmade Christmas front and I’m working away like a crazy person and with a threenager it can be a little tough, but I wanted to make a blog post to follow up on last week’s post about the donation to Shelter after the bidding had finished.

Before I update you, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart to those who shared, liked, commented and bid on the purse. Together, we were able to make £36 to give to Shelter in time for Christmas. This means that one family may at least, have the chance to speak face to face with an adviser to be able to find a permanent home. Anyone of us could be in that situation at any time of life and being able to help one person or family means a lot to me. Thank you.

Thank you all for your generosity!

In other news, I’m almost over this pretty pants bout of the shingles and been working hard to get my handmade Christmas presents finished. I had a deadline for myself of Friday and, unfortunately the list I have is still quite long and here we are on Saturday and I still have a fair bit to do. I may be taking my sewing machine away with me at this rate. I also was super-duper lucky and won a sewing planner from 1st For Fabrics LTD. I honestly never win anything and I’m so chuffed! 😀 (Thank you Lorrena, it’s down to you that I entered).

Christmas plans this year are to go to the Isle of Man to have Christmas with my Mum, Step Dad and Nana and my sister is joining us over there too. We’re leaving Sunday for our little road-trip to Birkenhead where we’ll catch the Ferry across and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Please pray that the weather stays good and we don’t have any rough seas. We’ll be back on the 27th and my next blog will be Friday 28th.

I want to thank you all for all your support this year and take this opportunity to wish you the happiest, merriest, most wonderful Christmas. Stay warm, stay safe and be with those that you love most. Tell those you love most, that you love them and hug them a little tighter.

Published by sherelleattheseams

Hey all! What to say...? I am a thirty-something wife to an amazing man, Mumma to an incredible nearly 4 year old and I'm here to share a bit about that and a lot about my new passion. SEWING! I started in May 2018 and I want to share with you what I've learned so far, what I want to learn, what I've made and future makes as well as hoping to inspire you too. "I am still learning" - Michelangelo aged 87.

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