What Up Feb? Hey Ho March!

Hello beautiful people! Thank you for joining me on this wee update of what’s been up with February and what’s in store for March: spring is coming!!!

February was not an easy month.
I stopped breastfeeding after 3 years and anyone close to me knows what a struggle I had in the very beginning. It was horrendous!
I never thought I’d have lasted 3 years, but there we were! I had decided that now Georgia has turned 3 it was time our BF journey to come to an end. It was a weird experience as that’s always been the way for me and G. I had no idea how I was supposed to get her to sleep, or how she would cope when waking during the night. Needless to say, she’s pretty darn awesome and coped with everything so well. She pretty much just sleeps straight through now. One night (according to my fitbit) I was only awake for 5 minutes the whole time I was asleep. I’d not had a sleep like that since waaaay before G was born!
I also felt a little bit of the booby blues and spent the first week a little up and down. I can’t really describe how, it was just very different: but we got through it! G is milkies free and has been for 1 whole month! 😀

We had 2 trips to A&E in the month of Feb. They were not welcome. The first was that my husband was hit off his bike (yes hit, it was deliberate). He is, thankfully, absolutely fine; he’d hurt his wrist and had a few scratches, but, by the grace of God, that was all it was. Even his bike was OK apart from a little cosmetic damage.
The second was for Georgia. She over extended her elbow whilst we were playing and was beside herself. Wouldn’t let us touch it and couldn’t move her arm. When telling her we’d have to go to hospital, it just made it worse and she was hysterical, bless her. We eventually got there, checked in and waited, by which time, G calmed down and started moving around and about 20 minutes later was her normal self, chatting to everyone and moving her arm perfectly normally. It was a relief that nothing was wrong, but it doesn’t half make you feel silly going up to the desk to say your daughter is bouncing around like a bean now and is moving her arm fine. The ladies at York Hospital were really lovely though and assured us it was all fine, glad G was OK and if anything changed we could go back, no problem.
Where on earth would we be without our NHS? Seriously?!!?
Feb was also a month of colds and tummy bugs all round, but I did squeeze in some sewing time.

Some lovely things happened in February. My beautiful friend and her son had their birthday’s so I made them both a little something. I made some Star Wars inspired Dungarees for H that actually look the business on him. E has very kindly taken some pictures that she’s letting me use in the blog too. How much is he rocking them?

I made a few changes to the pattern:
I decided to use KAM snaps instead of buckles and buttons; I’ve made this in the dress version for Georgia and know how much she struggles with the buckles coming undone, so I didn’t want any of that, especially for a boy! The KAM snaps mean he can be in and out of them securely and easily.
I also decided to do all French seams. The seam allowance for this pattern is only 1/4 inch, but the pattern is also for a 3 year old. H just turned 2 so I took the seam allowance to 5/8 inch to be able to get those seams done nicely.
These dungarees were not the easiest make and there was a fair bit of cursing involved, but I’m really pleased with the final look. H you are the business in them <3.
The Freddie Dungarees are a pattern by Two Stitches and the fabric and Vader patch is from Oh Sew Crafty.

I did a lovely little make for E, which was a weeny bit of an experiment, but something I’ve been wanting to make for a while. A hair tie!
I did a bit of googling and watched 2 YouTube videos to give me an idea of how and what I wanted to make. The first by smarmyclothes and the second by The Crafty Pinup. I kind of combined ideas from both videos to get my final tie and I think it looks really cute. I even made my own little label for it (the printer ran out of ink so it’s not quite how it should be, but I’m just rolling here). I’m definitely going to make more of these as I think they’ll make an awesome stash/remnant buster.
The fabric I used for the tie is from Oh Sew Crafty and the rainbow thread from a lovely little shop I found through Facebook called Bird’s Beautiful Bobbins.

My final make for the month of Feb was my entry for the Sewing Pattern and Prints Challenge #sewingfloralfebruary and was The Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse. I’ve written a wee blog post about it already, so if you have an extra 5, head on over for a little lookie. Thank you for all the love this last week.

I’ve also been trying hard to continue to work on myself since my blog post back in January. I’ve been trying to change some of my bad habits and create better ones. It’s a slow process, but I’m not giving up. I feel a lot better in myself and some positivity is starting to surface.
I’m juggling a few books at the moment, one of which is “If I’m so smart, why can’t I lose weight?” a book by Brooke Castillo who is the founder of The Life Coach School. I first discovered Brooke whilst I was working on my Personal Development for BeachBody 2 years ago. Her podcasts are amazing and if you keep them up, really help with a lot of life, but I didn’t make the time to keep it up and I forgot about her for a long time.
I haven’t started up with the podcasts again, but the book is helping me lots with the way I think about food and exercise and how I use food to make myself feel better/use exercise as punishment.
As an emotional eater, it’s proving life changing so far. I’m only 2 weeks in to the “protocol” and haven’t finished the book yet, but I’d highly recommend it if you’re unhappy with the way you eat and how it makes you feel. The book is currently free to download on the kindle.
In other areas of working on me, I have started to use Headspace, the meditation app. I’m not subscribed, but just working through the basics series. I’m finding it useful when I’m feeling particularly angsty (which happens often) and tag it on to the end of my Yoga practise; which is another thing I have been working on this last month.

Another beautiful friend of mine introduced me to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. Oh my, has it been wonderful. I’ve done Yoga on and off over the years, as I do really love it, but I have never found a connection before. I’ve only ever just gone through the motions and never really “got” what these Yogi’s are on about. Adriene has changed that in the last 2 weeks.
Her presence and energy, the way she speaks and the way YWA is making me feel is amazing; I look forward to stepping on the mat.
Adriene offers completely free yoga videos with a calendar and a super inspirational email with each day (she also has a website with a subscription called “Find What Feels Good” if you prefer) each month.

Hey-Ho March!

I can’t believe we’re 5 days (as I’m writing this) in already! I need to get my bum in gear. As a family, we have lots to think about the next few months but in terms of my makes I hope to get a good few projects done.
I’m completely head-over for vintage style patterns right now; and that was before Great British Sewing Bee episode 3 (which I haven’t had chance to watch yet). I’ve tracked down a really awesome flares trouser pattern that I want to team up with a “peasant/gypsy” style top. I might not get around to both this month, but they’re on the cards.

I also want to get through some of the remnants in my stash and found a couple of free children’s patterns. I hope to make a PJ set for Georgia and practice my plaid matching (EEK!), as well as making her the stunning free pattern by Rebecca Page, that is the Unicorn Pillow. It’s a beautiful make and if you head over to her Facebook page, you can check out some of the magic sewists have already made.
And last but by no means least, I’ll be sewing up my entry for Sewing Patterns and Prints. The theme for this month is pushing me way out of my comfort zone! I ordered the fabric this morning and have planned what I’m going to make for *drum roll* #Sewingmetallicmarch
The lovely ladies that are Kealy (voiceofacreative), Samantha (purplesewingcloud) and Tamlyn (Sewn_on_the_Tyne) are doing an awesome job (thank you!) and I can’t wait to see everyone’s makes for this month. Sewing Floral February saw some really beautiful makes.

One last thing before I go procrastinate some more; the gorgeous Kathy of Sew_Dainty (who I am now twinning with 😉 ) has launched a beautiful range of acrylic jewellery. Currently she has 4 designs that are simply stunning and selling out as I type. As soon as they popped up on my IG stories feed I had to grab one immediately. I chose the Cotton Reel and it arrived super duper quickly in the most beautiful little box. Head on over to have a sewing swoon and support this beautiful lady and her small business.

And that’s all for now; have a fabulous week/month and as always, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog. All likes, shares and comments are so very much appreciated.
Until next time…Happy Sewing Beautiful People ❤

DISCLAIMER!!! All thoughts and comments are completely my own. I have not been given anything, asked to review or mention the products I have by anyone. I am just documenting my journey and hoping to help and inspire others along the way

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Hey all! What to say...? I am a thirty-something wife to an amazing man, Mumma to an incredible nearly 4 year old and I'm here to share a bit about that and a lot about my new passion. SEWING! I started in May 2018 and I want to share with you what I've learned so far, what I want to learn, what I've made and future makes as well as hoping to inspire you too. "I am still learning" - Michelangelo aged 87.

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