Project: Love life, sew. Part 2

Hello beautiful people! Thank you for coming back for more 😁

I’m sorry this didn’t go up as quickly as I intended. ARGH! Over thinking, procrastination and life has just meant I’ve not got round to everything I want to. 

If you missed part 1 of this wee tale, you can click here.

I’ve tried to get part 2 up quickish for you so we can move on to sewing! I’m so desperate for more sewing now I’ve found my sewjo! What with my new machine (so excited) and Bimble and Pimble’s #BPsewvember 7 day challenge, it kick started me and I’m just ready for more.

I left you guys on a cliffhanger, so I’ll leave you dangling no longer. 

April cont.

After getting myself back on LinkedIn and putting a little spiel about what I was doing and what I was looking for, an agency got in touch and asked if I was free for a chat as they may be able to help me. 

As with all things, I’m only human, I was fairly skeptical and sent a reply to them that basically said I was planning to move countries so thanks but no thanks and tagged on at the end of the message, that if they heard about anything in the Isle of Man, please bear me in mind. I didn’t expect to hear anything after that. A few minutes later the reply that came back was, 

 “I have the perfect thing”.

Eh, what?! 

This kind of thing just doesn’t happen to me; like nothing ever really goes smoothly or just falls into place. I really was trying hard to make everything work and come together, but things falling into place like this and the timings actually being right was just unbelievable. It reinforced the feeling that we were making the right decision and so I arranged the call. 


At the end of April I spoke to a potential employer and arranged an interview for mid May. Early May I was back on the GOC register, points earned and received, fees paid, ready for my interview. 

We travelled over to the Island as a family on the 17th May for my interview on the 18th May at Holmes and Davidson Opticians. I always knew I wanted to stay working for an independent and was really excited that it was also the longest standing Opticians on the Isle of Man – over 100 years I’ll have you know.

Interview Ready

Interview time. I confess I didn’t have it in me to make anything to wear and nor did I think my “spec-tacular” top was interview worthy, even though it is totally awesome. So I wore all RTW. All pieces are from Next and as far as their sizes go, for me, they’re fairly well fitting and comfortable.
I haven’t had an interview since we moved to Aberdeen in 2009. I did as much preparation as I could in terms of learning about the company and the people that own it. Other than that, I just had to be myself.

I have honestly never felt so overwhelmed in a place of work before, for a good reason. The owner, Manageress and staff were just wonderfully welcoming. The shop is just gorgeous!

I was offered the job on the spot and accepted without hesitation. 

I would be starting my new job, full time, early July, after moving at the end of June.


OK, now we needed somewhere to live. I’d arranged a few viewings of properties and whilst we had our hearts set on a particular property, I also happened to arrange a viewing for a Bungalow that looked quite familiar to me.
The property I had my heart set on is in an amazing, remote (during the off season) location, with beautiful views and is extremely close to my most favourite place on the Isle of Man; I was so desperate to see it, we drove to view it as soon as we got off the boat. 

This is the view from the house. It overlooks my most favourite place in the whole world.
The Sound

I knew where the property was, but the closer we got, the more my feelings about it changed. If it was just Jim and I, we’d have no issues, but for school and making friends for G, plus other amenities, it didn’t feel right anymore and this was before our viewing which was booked in for Monday morning.

Later that same day, I received an email to say that someone else had taken the property. 

I was so glad our feelings had changed before viewing, that I wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t even view it. It wasn’t meant to be and we had to come to that conclusion first so that it didn’t seem like a loss to us. 

Mum’s kitchen Dec’ 08

Back to that familiar bungalow. I wasn’t 100% sure when I contacted the agency, but I was almost certain that it was in fact the bungalow my Mum and Step Dad rented when they moved back to the island some 10 years ago. The kitchen was identical and so was the bathroom. It’s funny I don’t remember anything else about the property, like the large 80’s fireplace or the bedrooms, but the agency got back to us and, yes, it was in fact the bungalow they rented. Not only that, the landlord remembered my Mum and Step Dad and were fairly eager for us to take a look at the property. 

Our kitchen, now.

It was so odd walking around the bungalow.
Jim and I both have memories of it as the first Christmas we were together; we spent it in that very bungalow.
We were showing the agent the pictures of where we stood, but 11 years earlier. Even the curtains were the same. It was just hilarious and unreal!

So, long story short, we actually loved the bungalow, could see ourselves there and with a few tweaks, we applied to take the bungalow and got it. 

Now to pack up life in York, make an incredibly difficult transition for my Mum in Law as easy and as traumatic free as humanly possible and arrange to get over to the Island for 28th June.

June – Now

This is pretty much where I’ve been all this time.

Got the keys.

On Friday 28th June we left York in the largest possible, we could take on the boat without selling a kidney, transit van filled to within a mm of cubic space with our possessions and sailed across the Irish Sea to the Island of my dreams. 

I’ve never been so elated and completely terrified all at once. Leaving York has meant a complete 180 of not only my life, but my husband’s and Georgia’s too; and then of course, the family we were leaving behind.
Georgia would be leaving behind her cousins, her Nee-Nee and 3 wonderful doggies who she completely adores. She’d be going to pre-school and would also be sleeping in her very own room. Pret-ty big changes for a 3 and a half year old!

Jim would be leaving behind all his family; 5 sisters and 2 brothers, plus his Mum and all his nephews and nieces as well as leaving behind his job to become G’s full-time home parent.

And whilst I was on my way to the Island of my dreams, I was leaving behind some freedom of being able to go see my Dad and sister whenever I wanted, for as long as I wanted, and spending all my time with G, to going straight into full time work after not having done that since before G was born. 

This change has not been without its struggles.

We’re now into our 5th month on the Isle of Man and have been giving ourselves a pretty rough time of it. Jim and I aren’t that great at taking our time with things and sort of expect everything to be settled and the way we want them, yesterday. Life just isn’t like that.

We’re trying to be kinder to ourselves and understand that it is going to take some adjusting to our new lives.

I absolutely love work! I love the company and people I work for, and could not have found better people to work with.  Going straight back to work full time has its downsides, but we got to take the rough with the smooth. I’m having fun being around glasses again and the fact that I get to do some glazing too (cutting lenses to fit in to the specs) is awesome! Anything where I can fix things or make things, I’m there!

First Day at Nursery

I absolutely adore this little island, our new home, the view we wake up to everyday. The beach is pretty much at the end of our road. We have all local amenities within walking distance as well as bus routes and the steam train.

G has settled into pre-school, loves her teachers and is making friends; the life she’ll have here as a child will be wonderful for her.

I miss our family across, but this has been the right thing for us to do right now.

And so, as things are starting to even out, I’m getting sewing again. As I mentioned up top, I got an early Christmas present from my Dad, in the most amazing form of a brand new sewing machine; the Brother Innov-Is A60 Special Edition. This is my first ever brand new and computerised sewing machine. I am totally in love. I’ve used a computerised Brother before, so I know my way around one, but for me, this machine is just a dream come true!

Brother Innov-Is A60 Special Edition *

I’ve got projects lined up and done a few little sewing pieces here and there since moving, but nothing I’ve really shared, other than in my IG stories; and more recently a couple of makes that I’ve managed to squeeze in.

I hope to change that now.

So thank you for sticking with me all those that have, and I hope to be back with regular content very soon.

Happy Sewing Beautiful People.

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts, feelings and images in this blog are my own and belong to me.
* Brother Innov-Is A60 image taken from sewing direct website.

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