No More Excuses!

It’s the 1st Feb! Goodbye January Excuses! Well, here we are, the whole month of January 2019 has passed us by. In one way, extremely quickly and in many others, super sloooowly!I’ve definitely been guilty of using January as a bit of an excuse not to be tackling things head on. I’ve probably played a… Continue reading No More Excuses!

Pattern Reviews

The Kimberly Dress

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a truly magical Christmas and are now looking forward to your New Year’s Celebrations and the ever approaching resolutions for 2019! The last 10 days or so have been a complete whirlwind and I’m only just getting round to writing this review. I wanted it ready for… Continue reading The Kimberly Dress


It’s December!!! + Giveaway Winner Announcement

A short but sweet blog post this week. I’ve decided to take a little break from my beginner sewing series until the New Year to be able to concentrate on all the sewing I’ve crazily taken it upon myself to do for gifts throughout December. I have decided to do it all on the run… Continue reading It’s December!!! + Giveaway Winner Announcement

Beginner Blog Posts

Know Your Fabrics and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Last week I gave you the beginner’s low-down on sewing machines and I’ve been struggling to decide what to give you next. There’s sooooo much out there and I’m trying to push through the noise and give you exactly what you need to know to get you sewing at your machine. I was originally going… Continue reading Know Your Fabrics and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Beginner Blog Posts

Beginner Online Sewing Classes: Are they for you? And what to look for.

Follow my blog with BloglovinIf you're anything like me when it comes to learning something new, you feel like you need ALL of the tools and ALL of the knowledge before you actually get started, and let’s face it that is just not possible; especially as we learn so much, and better “on the job”.… Continue reading Beginner Online Sewing Classes: Are they for you? And what to look for.