It’s December!!! + Giveaway Winner Announcement

A short but sweet blog post this week.
I’ve decided to take a little break from my beginner sewing series until the New Year to be able to concentrate on all the sewing I’ve crazily taken it upon myself to do for gifts throughout December. I have decided to do it all on the run up instead of plan ahead. Silly silly silly me! I’ve also applied to do another pattern review and received a thumbs up for that so I have extra extra busy hands the next few weeks.

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The Nikki Cardigan

This week’s blog is a bit different to previous weeks; I’m taking a detour from the beginner’s blog as I’ve amazingly been given the opportunity to do a pattern review of Athina Kakou’s Nikki Cardigan. I’m really excited to have been given the chance to do this and I absolutely love the finished garment.

Who’s pattern am I reviewing?

I’ve been following Athina Kakou for a little while after discovering her whilst listening to an episode of the Stitchers Brew podcast. (If you haven’t checked that out, you must). Athina’s content is so thorough, she puts loads out there, and for free, and she is so personable. She is such an inspiration to me and that’s what makes this pattern review even more special, as this is what gave me the final kick to just start the blog.

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Know Your Fabrics and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Last week I gave you the beginner’s low-down on sewing machines and I’ve been struggling to decide what to give you next. There’s sooooo much out there and I’m trying to push through the noise and give you exactly what you need to know to get you sewing at your machine. I was originally going to go through hand sewing techniques, needles and thread but I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing and think the next thing to address would be the thing that we all want to get our hands on first. The substance of our sewing; FABRIC!!!

Let’s get the terminology done first. There are a few words that crop up in patterns all the time and some of the words are fairly similar, it’s easy to mix them up.

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Get To Know Your Sewing Machine

One of the main things I was intimidated by when I started sewing was the machine. How on earth do I use the thing? Where does the thread go? What the heck is a bobbin? What happens if I get all the threads tangled? ARGGHH! I mean I could go on and on with these questions. But, we beginners at stuff laugh in the face of intimidation; so take a deep breath and I’ll walk you through sewing machine basics so that you can get on and put that pedal to the floor (well not quite, it does go rather fast 😀 )

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Beginner Online Sewing Classes: Are they for you? And what to look for.

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If you’re anything like me when it comes to learning something new, you feel like you need ALL of the tools and ALL of the knowledge before you actually get started, and let’s face it that is just not possible; especially as we learn so much, and better “on the job”.

So here’s a little bit about what I did – and did a little bit wrong – when I decided I wanted to learn to sew and how to only get the things you actually need and not spend a fortune on the fluff!

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